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History: high quality products Which was founded in 1973

Since its international launch of 3D Ceramic Tile (3D) in 1973, ASA Tile has grown to become one of the most famous international brands in the ceramic and porcelain industry. In the last decade, the company has rapidly improved its manufacturing capabilities to enable the wider range of services to its global customers, and the brand has rapidly gained popularity.

Currently, ASA tile products have more than 40 products in the region And parent company of ASA Tiles, ASA Group, Limited total capital exceeded US $ 900 million in 2017, all thanks to the company's relentless focus on refining and improving its management. From top to bottom and the company's commitment to implementing new technology to ensure the company can fully meet the needs of its customers. 

In the company's efforts to achieve its mission, the company has placed great emphasis on the design presentation. Modern products The company has partnered with Italian designers through setting up an office in Milan in 2016. At the same time, we are increasing our company's production capacity to ensure the future needs of our customers. With an investment of more than 150,000,000 yuan into the cutting edge of production lines and equipment in the Hubei plant. Our proprietary techniques and knowledge Manufacturing makes our products known in the industry. 

ASA tiles are produced at three factories in China: Guangdong's Zibo City, Guangdong's Qingyuan City, and Hubei Province's Xianning by 2016, on average, the plant had a output of RMB 1.2 million per person today. Make the hubei factory The company is the largest tile factory in Central Ching and one of the world's largest manufacturing plants.

With the determination to lay down the company's slogan “Be smart and create Build into operation. ”The company's Hubei factory carries out high-precision manufacturing and quality control activities. By applying new robotic production techniques and leveraging the existing 8 technological patents.

The company was preparing to lead the tile industry into Industry 4.0 era and realized the rapidly increasing demand. There are differences between adults and adolescents to relate to each other and to create better and more consumers.

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