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ASA International Development Co., Ltd. (the "Company") is the developer and owner of the website, asa-th, which is considered to be one of the Company's services ("Service"). When you sign up for the Company's account through asa-th you will be considered a user of the Company (the "User") and provide services to you. Therefore, the Company is responsible for announcing this Privacy Policy in order to inform you about rights and obligations and conditions related to the collection, collection, use and disclosure of personal information that the Company will carry out as the User.


This Privacy Policy applies only to the Company's services. This does not apply to applications and services or other websites that may have connections that are owned by third parties that the Company does not have control over and is part of the User's Agreement and studies about the Privacy Policy for the use of the Application. such services or websites separately.


If the User agrees to the terms of this Privacy Policy or any other amendment, the Company reserves the right to prohibit or not allow users to use the Services of the Company. The results of personal information under this Policy have the necessary effect directly towards Compliance with duties provided by services provided by the Company to the User. The use of the Company's services is still available. Such Users shall always agree to this Policy.


The Company may update this Policy for each period to comply with the guidelines and The Company will notify the user of the company's services and comply with the company's services. The Service is aware of the changes by announcing the revised policy to the user. The policy is considered to be effective. When the Company announced the personal information that the Company processes in providing the Services of the Company. The Company collects and processes personal information from the user's operations. The following services are available:


Information that directly identifies the identity such as name, age, nationality, date of birth, contact information such as address, Contact locations, telephone numbers, payment information such as payment details, credit card and bank account, service information such as account name, password, transaction history, transactions conducted by the user, as well as the interests of the user.


Information that locates your area while using the Website. If you enable the GPS system, you agree to the company's consent to collect and process your location at the time of use. However, if you wish to conceal this information, please contact us. You can install or disable gps on your mobile phone, the information you need to provide to the Company, and the Company can process that personal information as required by law without your consent.


Providing information to comply with laws or contracts, or the need to provide information for entry into contracts or any other information as required by law. If you do not provide your personal information, please The Company may not be able to do so to you as you wish or as stated to you, or with any other effect in accordance with the law, providing information that is necessary for legitimate purposes, such as storing your images in the activities of the Company, etc.


Technical information to identify, such as ip address, usage information, etc. Setting up and connecting the browser of the user's device Used to use Company Services Data Processing Purpose.


The Company is required to collect, collect, Use the User's Personal Information for the provision stipulated and specified for each of the Company's Terms of Service, including for identification. In order to monitor the terms of payment, service charges for communication with the user, for example, the Company is necessary to collect and use the user's personal information for the user's interest analysis in order to be able to offer benefits or services based on the user's interests. more services or to build better relationships between the Company and its users.


The Company is necessary to store and use the User's personal information for the purpose of providing other support services, such as contacting for feedback, post-service comments or submission of requests.


In this regard, the The Company will collect and collect the user's personal information for the entire period as long as the user The Service remains a user of the Company, and the Company reserves the right to collect information for the next 3 years from the User to cancel the Service for the sake of protecting and fighting the rights of the Company unless the applicable law requires the Company to keep personal information for another period of time. The Company may need to keep the data for a period of more than 3 years.


Who may receive your personal information, the Company's partner company. employees of the relevant company, authorized persons represent the Company. to offer the Company's products and services, including the person's contractor, other persons, the person's contractor, which operates on the Company's products and services. Marketing Activities The company's information, including the quality development of the Company's products and services, such as payment of payments, document preparation, technology, document transmission, and research, etc., condominium juristic persons or housing juristic persons, and/or condominium executives or management of housing estates, government agencies or regulatory agencies, or any person required to disclose information. under laws, regulations, orders relating to the Company or in accordance with the agreement stipulated by the Company to any government agency or any other person.


Cookies used by the Company to provide cookies are text files that are located on the user's computer. In order to guarantee the effectiveness of the Company's services, the Company provides information on the user's service. The company requires a variety of cookies for different purposes. the following specified settings.


Functionality Cookies: Used to recognize what users choose or set up on the platform, such as account names, languages, fonts, and platform formats, to provide users with more personal information based on their chosen settings.


Advertising Cookies: Used to remember what you have visited and including the The Service of the User to present the goods or services that are relevant and in line with the user's interests and to evaluate the effectiveness of the use of strictly necessary cookies. It is a type of cookie that is essential to the company's service function, so that it is necessary to make use of the Services by the user. Although the use of cookies is useful in enhancing the company's service and service functionality. However, users must be aware that such actions may affect the user's browser. Image rights to the Company's services are provided in part in accordance with the purpose stipulated by cookies.


The Company guarantees appropriate security measures. To prevent access, use, change, correction or disclosure of personal information without authority or misuse. In addition, the Company has established internal guidelines to determine the right to access or use of information. personal information, to maintain confidentiality and data security. The Company will provide periodic review of such measures for appropriateness in accordance with applicable laws.


The right to request that the deletion or destruction of personal information is non-personally identifiable information. When the data is out of necessity or when the owner of the data is out of necessity, or when the owner of the personal data withdraws its consent, the right to ask to withhold the use of personal data in the event of personal information being deleted or when it is exhausted, the right to withdraw consent to process the information provided by the User.


Users can contact the Company for the above privileges as follows: The Company shall consider and notify the user within 30 days of receiving the request. Details of the Privacy Policy in whole or in part if amended. Users can comment on the privacy policy of "contact us".

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