Store Policy

Store Policy

1. Buying our products and services

ASA International Company Development Co., Ltd. is the products distributor legally. All products are legally copyrighted. The product descriptions displayed on the storefront are the exact details provided by the manufacturer. Product images shown on the storefront are similar to the reality, but may have a different color or pattern. The actual product may be slightly different due to the resolution of the customer's display device.

2. Order process

* Customers can choose to buy products through the website at 24 hours a day

* Customers can view product details but the type of product can be found on the website page. When the customer is satisfied with the product, they can click to add products to the cart that

is on the right corner of product catalog page.

* When the shopping process is complete customers go through the payment process by pressing the "Check Out" button.

Must Log In to access the Check Out system, in case the customer has not registered with the store, can press the button "Sign Up" before entering the Check Out process.

* On the Check Out web page, it will display the items in the cart, the cost of shipping (if any) and the total amount that customers can modify.

You can cancel an order before confirming your purchase.

* The customer has verified the correctness of the ordered items. If everything is correct Customers have to confirm the purchase before proceeding to the next payment process.

* In case of paying by credit card customers can choose to pay by credit card immediately.

* In case of payment via bank the customer must complete the process within 48 hours after the order is confirmed and notify payment via

email: along with attaching a slip of payment or through the website. 

* Upon notification of completed payment, the shop will confirm the order and schedule the delivery to customer’s email which registered with the store.

3.Product price

The prices of the products are displayed in the descriptions of each product. The product price is inclusive of 7% VAT, but excludes other expenses such as delivery costs. (For some areas)


The company provides several payment channels for the convenience of customers as follows:

* Pay by bank transfer (recommended)

* Pay by credit card through 2C2P.

* Pay via Paypal

* Pay via QR Code

5. Delivery of goods

The company will deliver the products on schedule after receiving payment confirmation. By when the product has been shipped the company will inform the customer of the parcel number via email.

6.Returns of products

Goods when shipped Within 7 days if the product has a problem, the company will replace the product for a new one. And within 15 days can change the product.

March 5th, 2021

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